Get Involved

We believe change is made through collaboration. We need YOU to help us make the change for the future of Buffalo, the youth. You can volunteer as an individual, get your place of employment involved, spread the word, make a donation, and more. Every dollar, minute, and helping hand make a difference.
Language Services

Can you speak multiple languages? We could use your help to ensure everyone in need has access to our services. For Every Little Handprint needs translators to help provide our applications in multiple languages.

Creativity Workshops

Do you have a special talent or passion you would like to share with others? Maybe you are an artist or an inventor. Maybe you have a super cool side-hustle. Contact us to lead a creativity workshop to inspire our youth!


Can you think of an important mentor in your life? YOU can be that person for an eighth grader in Buffalo. We hope to expand this program each year to more students, and to do that we need young professional mentors willing to dedicate their time..

Spread the Statistics

The current childhood poverty rate in Buffalo is 47.2 percent. When problems are not talked about, they often go unnoticed. Spread the word about this issue in our community to help us bring about change!

Professional Services

For Every Little Handprint is run by volunteers. We need the help of the community to expand and prosper. Have a service you can offer? We could use you! For Every Little Handprint would especially benefit from help with graphic design.

Donate Supplies

All of For Every Little Handprint’s services are free for those who need them. We accept donations of new school supplies for our annual school supplies program.

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