Tania Castillo

Whenever I hear someone speak about servantship, whether it be joining a board, volunteering, or giving, it is usually along the lines of their wanting to contribute to something meaningful. I’ve often wondered if they don’t mean to allow something meaningful to contribute to them. From a very early age, I was taught the importance of giving. When I joined Univera Healthcare, I immediately fell in love with their culture of community. It was enriching both professionally and personally, allowing me endless opportunities to connect with not just fellow colleagues, but the community at large. Joining their women’s employee resource group gave me a new avenue to connect and so I went with it, getting involved with any volunteer event or donation drive that I could, bringing new giving ideas to the table, and even reaching out to organizations in my personal time to see how I could get involved. Fast forward, nearly six years, I am a mom of two and I’ve garnered new perspectives from my short experience as a parent and partner. The community in which we raise our children is ever important and so is our connection to it. New experiences mean a lot to me. The more I care and contribute, the more I grow. My why? I was ready to give back to my community in a different way. Diving in to really understand the cause related to the mission of For Every Little Handprint and helping to serve, perhaps, the most important members of our society, children, may be one of the most rewarding, and indeed, valuable, decisions of my life.